A master’s degree in computer science for $7,000

15 May

Sorry for the lack of posts recently: my four different courses from Udacity have been taking up a lot of my time, not to mention my reflexive job hunt and the accompanying fear freaking out which is intensifying as the summer approaches. And similar freaking out about getting a visa for Brazil. Apparently visa agencies don’t really exist in Spain, so I might have to take another trip to Madrid.

However, I just saw this from Tyler Cowen, which merited sharing. If this plan goes through, then it is big news. Sometimes projects like these are announced and then quietly sputter out, but I think that neither  Sebastian Thrun nor Georgia Tech would have made the announcement if there were doubts of it reaching fruition. I’m sure that by the time I am in my mid-30s there will be plenty of opportunities like this for me to get new training. I can’t wait.

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