Never forget

4 Jun

“Things are good now, China’s huge middle class is relatively content. But if things go sour and the people demand change from their government, don’t think what we saw on June 4, 1989 couldn’t happen again. The party will do absolutely everything it needs to to stay in power. Everything. Never forget.” –Richard Burger, one of my favorite China watchers and bloggers.

I think that I know more about what happened in those weeks than most people know. I wasn’t there, and I haven’t spoken to the participants about it, but I read two or three different books detailing the events leading up to it, I saw the documentary, and I read Zhao ZiYang’s journals detailing the hidden struggles between factions, which had to be smuggled out of China and was only recently published in Hong Kong. A few books and a film don’t make me an expert, but I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about what was going on at that time. I guess that my familiarity with the event, my passion for freedom, and how much I care about China as a whole all contribute to how I feel. There isn’t much that I can do at the moment, but I do hope that things improve within my lifetime. Until then, I’ll just hold the sorrow in my heart, and wish people the strength they need to endure.

8964 from sofunny on Vimeo.

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