Wonderful hosts in Madrid

3 Jul

Last time I visited Madrid, the three of us went to the Royal Palace together.

After leaving Murcia, I spent a little bit of time in Madrid, a city which grows in my heart each time I visit. I told my friends that I have no plans to return to Spain, but if I found a good job in Madrid I would go back in an instant. While there, I stayed with my Couchsurfing friends Paula and Rea. Paula works as an interpreter at a private hospital in Madrid, and always comes home with stories about how foolish people are (not knowing where certain important body parts are, lacking an understanding of the human reproductive system, not trusting Spanish doctors, and so on). Rea works as a freelance translator, so her ‘office’ is at home and she has a flexible schedule. She accepts a lot of work though, so she is always busy. This is the second time that I have stayed with them, and I had a great time. Because are both language professionals, and since it is no secret that I love languages, I always have a great time hanging out with them in a linguistic sense. But even aside from a passion for languages, we seem to have good chemistry and get along well. I always have a sympathetic ear for when Rea is complaining about her clients, and she and I tend to complain about the same kind of people. The first time I stayed with her and Paula, the three of us bonded over stupid American students in Madrid, and this time Rea and I both shared similar feelings about people occupying too much of the sidewalk. It feels great to find a kindred spirit. Rea is also starting to study Chinese, so it is really fun and cute to watch her form little sentences in Chinese. Paula is also very friendly, and these two are the exactly the type of Couchsurfing host that I always dream about as a Couchsurfer: kind, friendly, respectively, they give a surfer his or her own space, and they are willing to spend some but not all time together… ideal.

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