Things just aren’t said the same way

14 Sep
  • In Spanish, ahora mismo doesn’t mean right now. People often say vuelvo ahora mismo when they go out the door, which really means “I’ll return soon,” not “I return right now.” When people procrastinate, they say lo hago ahora means “I’ll do it soon/later,” not “I’ll do it right now.”
  • In English, we say “what happened?” in the past tense; In Spanish people say “que pasa/que ocurre” which is in the present tense. It was a very confusing experience for me to hear a Spaniard ask me “What happens?”, which is fine grammatically but which just isn’t how we say it in English.
  • If there is a group of five people, in English I would say “there are five of us,” stating our existence. In Spanish, however, I would say somos cinco, which translates as “we are five”

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