Who the hell is this guy?

In the Aljafería in Zaragoza

Hi there. My name is Joseph. I’m a young American who is exploring the world. I do this by learning different cultures, languages, and skills. I spend my formal education studying things mostly-related to China, and since graduating from college I’ve been indulging my intellectual curiosity by exploring psychology, linguistics, international relations, history, development, and anything else that happens to catch my interest. As you can see from my goodreads list, or from the people I follow on my twitter account, I am interested in a wide range of different topics. I occasionally post on the China Brazil Blog, and I used to blog at Where in the World is Joe… San Diego, while Kinetic Kalamazoo was my blog about juggling and similar physical pursuits.. If you are really interested in my ancient history, while I was studying abroad in Beijing I blogged at Journey to the Center of the Earth. None of these other blogs are updated very often, so Young Cosmopolitanist is really the best place to see what I’m up to.  On twitter I don’t tweet my own thoughts very often. Instead, I tend to share and retweet things that I think are worthwhile.


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